Film Insurance Dos and Don’ts

Important Information

The following points are important and you should always consider them prior to any shoot.

  1. All costs for medical examinations for each person requiring cover should be met by the Production Company.
  2. Ensure that the producer is aware of the expiry date of the film producers indemnity and the negative cover. If an extension of cover is necessary contact your Insurer.
  3. Any Overseas shooting must be advised prior to commencement of the shoot to guarantee indemnity under a current Public Liability cover.
  4. Be aware of possible “close-downs” caused by Adverse Weather, particularly if your Sets are being erected or standing in the Open-Air. Policy exclusions may apply.
  5. Each State in Australia has different legislation in respect to Workers Compensation. Be sure that you have appropriate cover available in each State and Overseas if necessary.
  6. Make sure you receive a clear title prior to designing your “Film Title”
  7. Check and test both Camera and Stock prior to Production.

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