About Film Insurance Specialists

Craig Shand has been working with Film Production Companies throughout Australia, providing film insurance cover for over 30 years.

PSC Insurance Brokers Perth specialises in offering appropriate film insurance indemnities required for your project, whether it is a small independent concept or major film feature.

PSC Insurance Brokers Perth has over 35 years of experience in arranging cover for the film insurance industry locally, Australia wide and overseas.

The normal procedure is that an estimate of film insurance costs is provided based on your preliminary budget. Most Insurers require a General Information form to be completed & returned together with Summary Budget & Synopsis to provide terms & conditions.

On larger projects fully completed proposal forms may be required. Details of any agreements you or your production people sign should be submitted as part of the proposal to ensure that the correct indemnities are available.

An insurance quotation is then submitted once you move into the next phase of pre-production. Remember to disclose everything you know about the production so that the original proposal you sign is correct.

Although the various insurers do offer a very broad cover, there are major exclusions, which you must be aware of in film insurance. We can discuss these and clarify where required.

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